Non-woven and polishing tools

Abras product program includes a wide range of non-woven abrasive tools designed to clean, smooth, satin, finish and polish the surface.

Non-woven abrasives are characterized by open structure, water resistance, they are resilient thanks to which they adapt to the shape of the workpiece. Perfect for surface treatment of stainless steel.

Different types of non-woven fabric depend on the desired result on the work surface. The basic parameter influencing the final smoothness is the grain size used to within non-woven fabric. The smaller the grain, the less aggressively tools work and the smoother structure of the finished metal can be achieved.

The most frequently used types of non-wovens, depending on the grain size are:

  • COARSE – grain size 40-80
  • MEDIUM - grain size 100-150
  • FINE - grain size 180-240
  • VERY FINE - grain size 280-360
  • ULTRA FINE - grain size 600-800
  • MICRO FINE - grain size ca. 1000

For polishing the surface to a high gloss, we offer a whole range of tools made of technical felt. In conjunction with polishing pastes it allows to achieve a mirror effect.

Below are some chosen abrasive tools with non-woven fabrics with typical examples of applications.

Choosen products

cylinder wheel


inbox steel satining

polishing disk


inbox steel mirror polishing

REX wheel