Who are we

Since 1989, we supply high quality grinding tools for over a thousand industrial enterprises throughout the country. Our customers produce and renovate ships, bridges, roads, steel structures, trains and cars, pipelines, boilers, castings, power and steel installations. These are large and small companies, with thousands of employees or even with a few, multinational corporations and family workshops. One thing unites us - quality is the priority.

We believe that wherever people work hard to meet the expectations of their customers, the right tools are needed. The right ones, that is: safe, efficient and affordable.

We are confident that the total production costs can be reduced without compromise regarding the quality of materials used. Any experienced user knows from practice that robust tools are better and more efficient. That's why our goal is common optimization of the total cost of production, and not only lowering the unit price of the product.

We supply our customers with a trusty set of abrasive tools. A package, which is based on decades of experience of leading European manufacturers and more than twenty years of practical applications in Poland. The quality of each product delivered is guaranteed by our own brand.

We know from our customers that a reliable supplier must be predictable and repeatable. That's why we make sure that our magazine is full and the delivery is on time in the right place.

We believe that the basis for long-term cooperation is mutual trust, which is formed on the basis of common experience. Therefore, each of our customer is supported by a personal representative. He is responsible for the professional selection of tools, the right conditions for cooperation and efficient execution of orders.

All because we don't want to only be a supplier of tools to our customers but also a reliable partner in the production process.

We invite you to cooperation.

Abras S.A. Management