Metabo Industrial Program

Along with the Metabo Polska Ltd Company, we offer an attractive delivery and service program for professional power tools to our customers.

The goal of the program is:

  • Lowering costs related to the maintenance of the power tools,
  • Proper selections of the tools to the customer's production character,
  • Maintenance and service optimization.

Metabo industrial program implies the possibility of testing any number of models of power tools by the customer (angle and straight grinders, drills, screwdrivers etc.) in order to optimally match the production needs.

In the next stage, we determine the individual sales and service conditions during the warranty period and post-warranty service.

Compared with conventional power tools purchases, a client of the Metabo industrial program can count on additional benefits:

  • discount on service parts,
  • discount on service repairs performed by Metabo,
  • under the Metabo Poland Industrial Program first motor overload is serviced free of charge (the stator and rotor are subject to free exchange),
  • cables and brushes can be replaced during the warranty period by a trained employee of the customer without warranty void,
  • all power tools are equipped in the so-called industry cable with increased resistance to mechanical damage,
  • fast line in the central services limiting the duration of repairs to 3 working days.

We invite you to direct contact at 801 18 27 20.