Coated abrasive tools

Modern coated abrasives are the result of an advanced technology process based on years of experience. Key elements that make up the abrasive materials are:

  • flexible substrate (fabric or paper).
  • type and amount of the abrasive grain,
  • binder.

The most common grain is corundum (ALOX). It is intended for grinding construction steel, alloy steels, hard aluminum, bronze, wood and other materials.

Zirconium grains have a unique feature of self-sharpening, which provides long tool life in applications requiring heavy material removal.

One of the hardest and sharpest grains used in abrasive tools production is silicon carbide (SiC). It is a grain suitable for sanding non-ferrous metals - aluminum, brass, bronze, magnesium, titanium, as well as rubber, glass, plastic, wood and other relatively soft materials.

Ceramic corundum, thanks to its microstructure is a tough, compact grain and is distinguished by extremely long service life. Tools made of ceramic grains have high resistance to pressure and the greatest grinding performance of all grain types.

In Abras product program, depending on the type of operation, we offer different kinds of tools made of abrasive materials among which the most important are:

  • flap discs - for grinding steel with angle grinders in the sizes 125 and 180 mm
  • vulcanized fiber discs,
  • velcro and self-adhesive discs,
  • flap wheels – unmounted and mounted,
  • abrasive rolls,
  • abrasive belts,
  • abrasive cloth in sheets and rolls.

Below, we present chosen grinding tools from abrasive materials along with typical examples of applications.

Choosen products

abras flap disk GF28


steel surface processing

abras flap disk GF29


steel edge grinding

abras flap disk GF29


edge processing

endless belt


inner surface procesing

mounted flap wheel


surface grinding

flap wheel


inox steel welds processing