Vitrified grinding wheels

Grinding wheels with a vitrified bond are most commonly used for surface grinding, shafts, holes, profiles, sharpening cutting tools as well as workshop works for processing metals.

Due to the use of modern synthetic abrasive grains Abras vitrified tools offer high rate of consistency. Depending on the type and characteristics of the material used by the customer, we implement tools with a suitable combination of three key parameters:

  • type of abrasive grain (corundum, aloxite, silicon carbide, monocorundum and others)
  • size of abrasive grains, which directly affects the obtainable surface roughness,
  • type and hardness of the bond, which determines the amount of force required to extract a grain from the surrounding adhesive.

Therefore, the selection of an appropriate grinding wheel requires specification of the following parameters:

  • The shape and type of the processed material (type and hardness)
  • overcapacity for removal and the contact surface of grinding operations,
  • the required degree of surface finish (roughness),
  • dimensions of the wheel,
  • type, operating speed and power of the machine,
  • type of coolant used,
  • profiling (dressing) method of the wheel.

Below we present a selection of wheels and typical examples of applications.

Choosen products

abras vitrified wheel


diamond segements opening

abras vitrified wheel T1-99A60K70VE01-35


cutters sharpening

abras vitrified wheel T1-99A60K7-VE01-35


piston rings profiling

abras vitrified wheel


CNC precision grinding