For our customers

We provide our customers with a high quality package of abrasive tools for most industrial applications.

Due to long-term cooperation with the biggest Polish production companies, we have learned how to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. We understand that the tools provided by us are part of the production process. For this reason, we do much more than just delivering tools.

We start from the identification of needs.
Each client is a different story. The common part is of course the processing of metals, however every company does it differently. Our task begins at this point. We recognize the machinery, currently used technologies and customer expectations about the outcome.

We believe in solutions that has been proofed in practice. That's why we test, check and confirm. If the proposed tool does not successfully pass the production test, we select the next one, taking into account the observed results. And we so on - until it fully succeeds.

We’re on the spot.
To identify the customer's needs and implement tools for the production, you need to be there. Therefore, each client is handled by our individual specialist. We know that trust is being built over years and its base are the right people.

Time is the priority.
Every reasonable operating company aims to reduce costs while maintaining high quality of the manufactured product. We understand this fact. Therefore, our main goal is to choose such a set of abrasive tools that will enable the execution of the tasks required to generate the lowest amount of total costs. This does not mean that the unit cost of the tool will always be the lowest. However, its performance and repeatability should pay for itself by reducing the working time, which is a key cost factor nowadays

We know that delivering the right product in the right place at the right time once is one important issue. Another story, however, is to complete the process 10, 100 or 1000 times in the row. Our organization has been organized to meet this priority: each delivery must meet the customer's expectations in 100%.

That is why we associate our cooperation only with predictable, stable and experienced tool manufacturers. That's why we can guarantee the consistency of our products.

Our tools in most cases operate at speeds similar to firearm missiles. We believe that human life and health are most important factor. For this reason we do not compromise when it comes to safety. All the tools from our program are produced according to the most strict safety standards.

We are aware that our customers seek to minimize their inventory. Therefore, in our plan of inventory replacement we take into account the average monthly consumption of all the tools provided, taking into consideration the time needed for production and logistics. We make sure that our regular customers always have steady and uninterrupted access to the Abras products used in their manufacturing process.

For our regular customers we don't only want to be a supplier of tools but also a reliable partner in the production process.