Cutting and grinding wheels

Resin bonded cutting-off and grinding wheels manufactured in Holland offer highest quality and utmost safety of use for a reasonable price. Dozens of years of experience, automation of technological processes, use of appropriate materials and adequate scale of production allow us to supply tools for the most demanding industrial users.

Our wheels are used throughout whole steel industry: shipbuilding, automobile, railway, foundry, construction and many other sectors requiring machine metal processing.

These tools are suitable for cutting-off and grinding of:

  • construction steel,
  • alloy steels,
  • stainless steel, chrome-nickel steel (inox),
  • cast steel and cast iron,
  • titanium, aluminum and non-ferrous metals,
  • railway tracks,
  • stone, concrete and other materials.

All resinoid bonded wheels are reinforced with fiber glass, so they can be used on high-speed hand-held angle grinding machines.

For practical reasons, the most commonly used are discs of 125 mm and 230 mm diameter with use of adequate types of angle grinders.

Depending on the individual needs of clients, we provide these tools with diameters of 76, 115, 150, 180, 300, 350 up to 406 mm.

Appropriate selection of the wheel requires consideration of many parameters. Therefore, below we present only a partial selection of wheels from our program along with typical application examples.

Choosen products

abras cutting-off wheel


construction steel cutting

abras grinding wheel


steel edges preparation

abras cutting-off wheel


rail cutting

abras grinding wheel


inner surface grinding

abras grinding wheel


steel edges processing

abras cutting-off wheel


piston rings cutting

abras cutting-off wheel


inbox steel cutting

abras cutting-off wheel


construction steel cutting