Super abrasive diamond and CBN tools

Specialized Abras diamond tools are used for grinding and cutting of carbide, vitrified bonded discs, glass and other hard materials. Diamond grinders have good degree of stock removal while maintaining high precision processing.

A typical example of this group of tools are diamond dressers for forming (shaping to the appropriate profile) vitrified disks in CNC precision processing.

Wheels made with the use of CBN grains (cubic boron nitride) prove high heat resistance while maintaining excellent cutting properties. As a result, they are successfully used for precision machining of hard alloy steels (chromium-nickel, HSS, etc.). The tools from this group are produced for specific demands of the customer. The selection of the appropriate wheel requires clarification of the following parameters:

  • shape and type of the processed material (type and hardness)
  • material removal and the contact surface of the grinding operation,
  • required degree of surface finish (roughness),
  • shape and dimensions of the wheel,
  • type, operating speed and power of the machine,
  • type of coolant used.

On this basis, a dedicated tool with a specific grain size and concentration is chosen, as well as the right type of bond.

Below we present a selection of wheels and typical examples of applications.

Choosen products

abras diamond wheel


ceramic wheels dressing

diamond wheel 150D-6T-10X-2

tungsten carbide burrs sharpening

insert PCD NX6D

tungsten carbide cylinders profiling